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Autumn is the one true season for harvesting apples. More often than not you have so many of them that you run out of ideas of what to do with them so that those round, tasty, juicy, red, green or yellow treats don't go to waste. 
Fried apples, juice,  cakes, compote, jams... These are just a few of the things you can make from apples, however, most of them take quite a while to make. That is why we'll teach you a quick and simple recipe for your sweet tooth, and it doesn't cost that much to make! 
I myself am not a fan of apple cakes, as they seem like a nuisance rather than an integral part of the cake, but it is not the case in what we're about to teach you how to make, it's truly astonishingly tasty. 

What you'll need?

  • Apples;
  • Toast;
  • Butter;
  • Sour cream;
  • Sugar;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Baking paper;
  • Baking oven pan.

Step by step:

Turn on the oven so that it starts heating up. 200 Celsius / 400 Fahrenheit should be fine.
2) Check how many slices of toast fit on your pan and spread butter onto every one of them in a thin layer.
3) Peal the apples.
4) Cut the apples in thin slices.

5) Place the apple slices onto the toast close next to each other and so that one covers the other a little bit.

6) Sprinkle sugar on top of the apple slices. Make sure to add the sugar in accordance with how sweet or sour your apples are.
7) Place the pan in the over.

8) While you wait for the apple slices to turn brown you can get the sour cream ready for the next step. We would recommend that you use the entire package of the sour cream. The more sour cream you'll put on your toast the tastier they'll be. To make the sour cream melt more gradually add some sugar to it (two tablespoons should be fine but check to see if you'd like it to be sweeter), stir it in.
9) Check on your toast once in a while. When the apples have become slightly brown take the pan out of the oven.
10) After you've taken the plate out of the oven pour the mixture of sour cream and sugar over the apple slices. Spread the mixture over the apple slices with a spoon to cover them in their entirety.

11) Place the pan back in the oven for a few minutes.
12) Sprinkle some cinnamon (or grated chocolate) over the apple and sour cream covered toast before putting the pan back in the oven or after they are done.

13) Put on the kettle and make some tea for the perfect combination.
14) Bon apetit! Easy! Tasty! And the entire kitchen smells like cinnamon and toast!

Photos - Linda Liepina (Linda by Linda Photography)

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